Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chocolate Milk Does the Runner’s Body Good

Like a lot of runners, I typically reach for a Gatorade or a cold glass of water after a run. Not any more. I’m now turned on to the benefits of chocolate milk as the ultimate post-run recovery drink. Who knew a childhood favorite would deliver essential nutrients for runners?

Runners need a combination of protein and carbs within 30 minutes of a run to refuel and repair muscles. And chocolate milk offers the perfect balance of these nutrients. Liz Applegate, Ph.D., touts the importance of milk for runners in the January issue of Runner’s World. I’ve never been much of a milk drinker, but now I try to get a few servings every day to gain the benefits that this vitamin-packed elixir offers.

If you’re training for the ING Georgia Race (like me) or another long-distance event, it’s important to get nutrients that restore your muscles. And chocolate milk is an ideal way to help your body recover from a hard workout.

As mom always said, drink your milk – it’s good for you!

This week’s route is one of my favorite runs around Druid Hills. It’s a good training run for the ING Georgia Half-Marathon. You can find the route at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

Decatur to Druid Hills – 11 Mile Route

· Start at Fellini’s, located at the corner of Commerce and Sycamore Place
· Stay on Sycamore Place, running past Fellini’s
· Turn right on Howard Ave
· Stay on Howard and run past Decatur H.S. and East Lake Marta Station
· Turn right on Ridgecrest
· Turn left on McClendon Ave
· Stay on McClendon until you reach Little Five Points
· Turn right on Moreland Ave
· Stay on Moreland and cross Ponce de Leon Ave
· Moreland turns into Briarcliff· From Briarcliff, turn right on N. Decatur Rd
· Turn right on Springdale
· Stay on Springdale and cross Ponce de Leon
· Turn left on Ponce de Leon and take it back to Downtown Decatur
· Turn right on Church St
· Turn left on Sycamore St
· Turn right on Sycamore Place
· Turn left on Commerce
· At College, turn left and run back up Commerce to Fellini’s