Sunday, October 23, 2011

Watch Out for Zombies! New Road Race Series Comes to North Georgia

The TV-show, The Walking Dead, featured a commercial for a different type of road race in 2012. Promoted as a “zombie-infested” event, the Run for Your Life 5K race has both natural and unnatural (e.g. zombies) obstacles along the course. The nationwide series lists Atlanta as an event site, but actually it’s taking place in Union Point, GA … a nearly two-hour drive from the metro Atlanta area.

So what the heck is a zombie-obstacle course? And what can runners expect?

Here are a few highlights from the event site:

Yes, there will be zombie.
Race organizers don’t disclose too many details about the types of zombies runners can expect (e.g. are they “walking dead” or “running dead” zombies?). Runners are encouraged to train well and prepare for the unexpected.

How exactly does this race work?
It’s a mash-up of flag football and obstacle course. Runners wear belts with “health” flags. While it may be fun to think the zombies are after your brains, what they really want are the “health” flags. Loose all your flags and you loose the race.

Party like it’s the end of the world.
Race organizers promise a party to die for. While there’s no line-up listed for the Atlanta area event, the Apocalypse Party will feature live bands, food, drinks and a marketplace. With a nearly two-hour drive from metro Atlanta, runners may want to consider the camping package.

Keep your hands to yourself.
With an event that has the potential to be as chaotic as a zombie-themed obstacle course, it’s not surprising that there are a few rules. Even though runners are being chased by zombies, participants are prohibited from intentional contact with the zombies or other participants. Weapons (such as axes to kill zombies) are banned. Pets and small children are also not permitted. Otherwise, have a good time.