Saturday, December 27, 2008

Think Fun for Running Races

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’ve spent several weeks sidelined with Runner’s Knee. Now that I’m working my way back to running, I’ve got road races on my mind. Here are a few races I’d love to run:

Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon
This inaugural race is the latest in the series of endurance events hosted at Walt Disney World. What could be more fun than running around through Disney? Scheduled for March 8 (a great time of year to run in Florida), it promises to offer an exciting and inspirational weekend for women runners of all ages. You can connect with other Disney-bound runners at

Marathon/Half-Marathon Oasis De Montreal
Enjoy the atmosphere of Paris without the jet lag. As a qualifying race for Boston, the course runs through the picturesque neighborhoods and famous sites of Montreal. It ends inside Olympic Stadium, where runners enter through its historical Marathon’s gate. What a memorable way to experience a Bruce Jenner moment.

Chicago Half-Marathon
With its collection of amazing architecture, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. This race offers a great way to combine site-seeing with running. The route runs along Lake Shore Drive, through Jackson Park and the University of Chicago campus. It’s considered a very popular event for long-distance runners.

Mardi Gras Marathon & Half-Marathon
New Orleans is a magical city and Mardi Gras season is an exceptionally festive time to visit. The race takes place two weeks before the first Madri Gras parade, but it helps kick-off the celebrations for the annual party. The course travels through the Garden District and Audubon Park.

ING Georgia Half-Marathon
Looking a little closer to home, I loved the route for the race when I ran it in 2007. Spring is a beautiful season in Atlanta and this race route travels through some of the great intown Atlanta neighborhoods. If things go well with my recovery, I’ll be running this race to raise money for Girls on the Run.

This week’s route comes from It’s a 5-mile run through Virginia-Highlands and Midtown.

· Start at the corner of Amsterdam Ave and Monroe Dr.
· Run down Amsterdam and turn right on Brockridge Dr.
· Veer left and stay on Brockridge Dr.
· Veer onto Glen Arden Way
· Turn right on N. Highland Ave.
· Turn right on Ponce de Leon Ave.
· Turn right on Lakeview Ave
· Run along Midtown Place and Midtown Promenade
· Turn right on Monroe Dr.
· End at Monroe Dr. and Amsterdam

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nursing a Running Injury: Part 2

It’s been almost two months since I wrote about my knee injury. Unfortunately, the soreness still lingers which makes it difficult to run. The symptoms I’m experiencing are similar to those described for Runner’s Knee. Earlier this month, I had an evaluation at the Emory Orthopaedics Center and nothing looked unusual. So now I’m taking a prescription anti-inflammatory pill and Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM supplement.

Beth Moore at Traxee wrote a great blog post about the frustrations of being sidelined with a running injury. Like Beth, there’s a lot I miss about running. Clearing my head after a tough day. The satisfaction and confidence that comes after a long run. Seeing my neighborhood the way it was meant to be seen. It’s tough driving by other runners and feeling a pang of jealousy. Swimming is an alternative, but my motivation to get to the pool is lacking.

With the new year approaching, I’m hoping to return to running.

This week’s route is a 3-mile run that starts at Fernbank Museum. You can find the route at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

· Start at the parking lot of Fernbank Museum
· Turn right on Clifton Rd.
· Turn right on E. Clifton Rd.
· Turn right on Clifton Rd.
· Turn left on N. Decatur Rd.
· Turn left on Oxford Rd.
· Turn right on Clifton Rd.
· Follow Clifton back to Fernbank Museum

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gift Ideas for Runners

I’m finally catching up on my blog after spending two weeks traveling. Just in time to start thinking about holiday shopping. With gift giving on my mind, I thought I’d share a few ideas for useful and inexpensive gifts for runners. Here are a few items to consider as stocking stuffers:

Pepper spray
Give the gift of safety with pepper spray. You can find runner-friendly spray canisters at sporting goods stores and online retail sites.

Reflective vest
Help runners stay visible on the road with reflective apparel. Vests are an inexpensive way to make sure cars and cyclists see runners during dawn and dusk. And don’t forget the four-legged running partner. You can find reflective dog leashes and collars are available at a variety of online stores.

Sports massage
Running in cold weather can be tough on the body. Give the gift of pampering with a certificate for a massage. Local spas like Natural Body offer a variety of massage choices.

Paid entry for road race
You’ll find a comprehensive list of road races at Run Georgia. This is a great gift option for runners who love to participate in races.

ClifShots or Luna Moons
Cheap and easy stocking stuffers. These are handy to have during long runs to maintain energy levels.

Head Lamp
Along with reflective vests, head lamps are a great item to keep runners visible on the road.

Road ID
Road I.D. provides a variety of wearable identification for athletes. My favorite is the shoe pocket.

I discovered which is a great resource for running routes. This week's feature run is the Highland Bakery Route that loops through Inman Park.

Highland Bakery Route - 3.75 Miles

· Start at the corner of McClendon Ave. and Oakdale Rd.
· Head west on McClendon toward Little Five Points
· Cross Morehead Ave and veer left onto Euclid Ave
· Turn right on Austin Ave.
· Turn right on Elizabeth St.
· Turn left on Highland Ave.
· At the corner of Highland and Sampson, make a sharp right and follow the running path along Freedom Parkway
· Continue on the path as it follows Copenhill Ave.
· Follow the running path back to McClendon Ave.
· Turn right on McClendon.
· End at the corner of McClendon and Oakdale.