Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peachtree Road Race: Etiquette Tips for Running with the Crowd

The Peachtree Road Race prides itself in being the largest 10K race in the world. This year’s event will welcome 60,000 participants to the starting line. Running with that many people coupled with Atlanta’s infamous mixture of heat and humidity can make it a challenge to keep your cool during the race.

The July issue of Runner’s World offered some useful (and hilarious) tips for keeping your behavior respectable during a road race event:

  • Alert other runners before you pass: If you plan to pass runners on the road, give a shout out (e.g. “passing on your left”) before making your move. Doing so will help avoid awkward collisions with other runners.

  • Don’t run more than two abreast: I’ve seen it before at the Peachtree – groups of people holding hands while running. What they don’t always realize is they are blocking the route for other runners to pass. Don’t be one of these people.

  • Look before you expel: This is a funny, but good tip. Watch where you spit or blow. Nobody wants to be the “landing strip” for what you’ve hurled.

  • If you have to stop, move out of the way first: When grabbing a cup of water or tying your shoe, move to the side of the street and avoid becoming a road block for other runners.

  • Don’t be a litter bug: Try to toss your water cups and other trash in garbage cans along the race course. If you must toss on the ground, watch out for other runners first.

  • Deodorant yes; cologne no: Be respectful of those around you and save the cologne or perfume for your “after race” shower. It’s no fun running behind a toxic aroma of sweat and cologne.

  • Smile: Yes, it’s hot and humid. But you signed up for the race to have a good time. Make the most of it by wearing a smile. You’ll feel better and so will the other runners around you.

The Atlanta Track Club blog offers some great advice for staying hydrated during a run. Be sure to check it out before hitting the race course on Monday.