Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nursing a Running Injury

In August I wrote about recovering from a bruised toe. This week, I learned that I was suffering from a strained ligament in my knee. During my runs, my knee literary felt like it would give out from under me. Needless to say, I was not happy. Since I’m trying to increase my mileage for the ZOOMA Atlanta Half-Marathon next month, this was not the time to encounter an injury. I’m taking nearly two weeks off from running to give the knee time to recuperate. Thanks to my trainer, Calvin, here’s the approach I’m taking to treat my injury:

· Take ibuprofen twice a day
· Lap swimming for my cardio exercise (in place of running)
· Ice packs on knee for 15 minutes followed by heating pad

I also decided to purchase a new pair of running shoes. My current pair felt as if I wasn’t getting an adequate level of support as my mileage increased. I had been running in Adidas Supernova Classics (which I loved for the high-arch support). It was a tough decision to select a new shoe – I literally spent 30 minutes at Big Peach Running Co. in Decatur deciding between a pair of Mizunos and Sauconys. I ended up with the Mizunos. Hopefully, I’ll returned to a comfortable running experience by next weekend.

Since I’m not running this week, I decided not to post a route. However, if you’re looking for a running route, here are a couple of sources:

Map My Run (Atlanta Running) – This is where I keep maps of my running routes. Currently, there are 20 routes available. – The site offers 18 different routes, which are primarily located within intown neighborhoods.

Atlanta Track Club – You’ll find 9 routes in neighborhoods across Metro Atlanta

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Support Girls on the Run

On Thursday, I attended an event for Girl on the Run (GOTR) at the home of Erin Wolf. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the important work of this organization and to meet other women runners. While most of us are familiar with the growing health issues that children face due to the lack of proper eating and physical activity, I was a bit stunned by some of the statistics that Erin shared. Girls that are involved with sports are significantly less likely to engage in harmful activities, like drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sex. They are also more likely to have a strong sense of self-esteem. As a mother of a young girl, these statistics are alarming. I want my daughter to grow up confident, healthy, and happy.

Through its running programs, GOTR fosters self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle among young girls. Girls ages 8 to 13 are eligible to participate. Programs are offered at local schools, YMCAs, and Girls, Inc. sites.

Runners can support GOTR by participating in its Team Tiara program. It’s a great opportunity to train with other runners for the ING Georgia Marathon/Half-Marathon and raise funds for GOTR. Runners of any age, gender, or ability are encouraged to participate. If you’d like to support GOTR through Team Tiara, you can set-up a fundraising page at You can also support GOTR by donating at my fundraising page. I'm committed to raising at least $262.

This week’s route is a 3.5-mile run through Piedmont Park and the Ansley Park neighborhood. You can find the route at Map My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

  • Start at the Piedmont Park entrance on 10th St. and Charles Allen Dr.
  • Turn right on 10th St., heading towards Piedmont Ave.
  • Turn right on Piedmont Ave.
  • Turn left on 15th St.
  • Follow 15th St. to Peachtree Circle
  • Turn right on Peachtree Circle
  • Turn right on The Prado
  • Veer left onto Maddox Dr.
  • Turn right on Park Lane
  • Cross Piedmont Ave. and enter the park (by the entrance for the Atlanta Botanical Garden)
  • Follow the path through the park and end at 10th St. and Charles Allen Dr.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogs for Women Runners

To help inspire my training for ZOOMA Atlanta, I’m on a mission to discover blogs from women runners. Here’s a few great blogs that I’ve found:

Marathon Moms: Colorado-based Dimity McDowell is a sports-and-fitness writer who has completed two marathons and two Half Ironman triathlons. Sarah Bowen Shea is a writer from Portland, Oregon who has run four marathons. Dimity and Sarah write about the challenges of balancing family time and work demands with fitness and training schedules.

Fitness for Mommies: This blog is hosted by Rachel, who is a self-described wife and mother of two crazy boys. Along with being a mom, she’s also a physical education teacher and an athlete. The goal of this site is to offer testimony, information, and articles on all things related to balancing life and athlete endeavors.

See Mommy Run: This site strives to connect moms in local communities to run and walk together. It invites moms to join an existing group in their area or start their own group.

Running Skirts: Twins Cindy and Christy are moms who blog about everything related to running.

This week’s route is a 5-mile loop through the Winnona Park neighborhood from the Oakhurst Running Club. You can find the route at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

Winnona Park – 5 Mile Route
· Start at One Step at a Time
· Head north (left) on Oakview Rd
· Turn left on Adams St
· Turn right on W. Dougherty St
· Cross S. Candler St. and continue on Winnona Dr
· Turn right on Hilldale Dr
· Turn left on Derrydown Wy
· Turn right on Craigle Ave
· Turn right on Katie Kerr Dr
· Turn right on S. Columbia Dr
· Turn left on Kirk Rd
· Turn left on S. Candler St
· Turn right on Brower St
· Turn right on Garland Ave
· Turn right on S. McDonough St
· Turn left on W. Hill St
· Finish at One Step at a Time

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fueling Long Runs

I’m a bit delayed in posting this week’s blog. I blame it on my preoccupation with the gas shortage in Atlanta. It seemed appropriate to base this week’s post on fuel … that is, fueling your energy level for long runs.

For my long runs (anything over 7 miles), I rely on Luna Moons to sustain my energy. They’re easy to chew and less messy than gels. Some of my friends like the Clif Shots Bloks, which are ice-cube sized chews. Regardless of your preference, what’s important to keep in mind is consuming a drink or food that provides the right balance of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish essential minerals that you burn during runs.

In the July issue of Runner’s World, Sarah Bowen Shea wrote about choosing the right beverage to fuel your run. Key factors to consider when determining what to drink during your run are the length of run, the temperature, and your pace. I also found a great article on what to eat and drink at Run Gear Run.

This week’s route is an 11-mile loop that I ran today. You can find the route at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

Decatur to Druid Hills – 11 Mile Route

· Start at Fellini’s, located at the corner of Commerce and Sycamore Place
· Stay on Sycamore Place, running past Fellini’s
· Turn right on Howard Ave
· Stay on Howard and run past Decatur H.S. and East Lake Marta Station
· Turn right on Ridgecrest
· Turn left on McClendon Ave
· Stay on McClendon until you reach Little Five Points
· Turn right on Moreland Ave
· Stay on Moreland and cross Ponce de Leon Ave
· Moreland turns into Briarcliff
· From Briarcliff, turn right on N. Decatur Rd
· Turn right on Springdale
· Stay on Springdale and cross Ponce de Leon
· Turn left on Ponce de Leon and take it back to Downtown Decatur
· Turn right on Church St
· Turn left on Sycamore St
· Turn right on Sycamore Place
· Turn left on Commerce
· At College, turn left and run back up Commerce to Fellini’s