Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race Plan for ING Georgia

With the ING Georgia Half-Marathon just a week away, I had my last long run today before the race. During my run, I started to think through my plans for race day. Travel to the race was easy to decide – MARTA’s the only logical choice. But I needed to give some further consideration on what to eat and not eat.

While a big cup of coffee is what I’ll crave, I’m opting for other choices. Slow-digesting carbs like oatmeal seem to be the best option. I recently read that sports drinks consumed before runs help sustain energy levels longer than water or other beverages.

Here’s my plan:

· Wake-up early enough to make oatmeal with walnuts
· Wash it down with G2 sports drink
· Take prescription anti-inflammatory pill to reduce swelling on knee
· Carry 2 packets of Luna Moons to refuel my energy
· New socks and insoles to cushion my feet
· Thick layers of Aquaphor for those spots that easily chafe

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