Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Story Behind Running Shoe Insoles

Why do running shoe manufacturers invest so much on the design of the shoe but seemingly so little on the insole? This was the question on my mind the past few weeks as I worked through physical therapy sessions to recuperate from my knee injury. One of the initial recommendations I received was to buy supportive insoles. Which got me thinking about my question.

Ads and articles promote the innovative design aesthetics with shoes that promise support and comfort. But if you look at the insoles in a new pair of shoes, they tend to be thin and a bit flimsy. To help answer my question, I turned to a local expert – Kash, the manager at Big Peach Running in Decatur. Here’s what I learned:

· Manufacturers invest in the design of the mid-sole and the shoe’s structure because these are the areas that absorb the pounding and pressure from running

· The insoles that come with running shoes are intentionally thin because this provides a more comfortable fit when you try on the shoes

· Many shoes are targeted at the $85 to $100 price range; a more expensive insole would push the price above this range

· The mid-sole in new shoes provide plenty of support, so most runners don’t need a thicker insole until well after running 100 miles or more in their shoes

This week’s route is an easy 4-miler in Avondale Estates. You’ll find a map for the route at Map My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

Avondale Estates – 4 miles

· Start at the corner of N. Avondale Rd. and Claredon Ave., by the gazebo
· Turn left and head down Kensington Rd.
· Veer right onto Lakeshore Dr.
· At the end of Avondale Lake, turn right on Wilshire Dr.
· Cross Claredon Ave. and turn right on Sussex Rd.
· Turn left on Dartmouth Ave.
· Turn left on Fairfield Plaza
· Turn right on Essex Rd.
· Turn right at S. Avondale Rd.
· Turn right on Dartmouth Ave
· Turn left on Kingstone Rd.
· Turn right on Claredon Ave.
· Turn left on Wilshire Dr.
· Turn left on Berkley Rd.
· Turn left on Kensington Rd.
· End at start point


Alexander said...

When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you’re on your toes all day.

Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Quite true Alexander. Thanks for sharing your feedback.