Saturday, October 10, 2009

What it Means to be a Volunteer

I’ve been thinking a lot about volunteering lately. A blog post by my friend Nadine Randall offered a candid, moving account about her experience with Girls on the Run Atlanta. Often times, volunteering leaves us with a sense of pride and altruism. But Nadine’s story didn’t reflect on those factors. Rather, it focused on her uncertainty over her ability to coach and mentor a group of girls. Over time, she gained confidence in her skills and discovered a sense of joy in her role. And that’s an important lesson. While we often view volunteering as a selfless act, we gain in ways we don’t always expect.

This week’s route is the Run for Research 5K course at Piedmont Park:
· Start at the corner of 14th and W. Peachtree St.
· Head towards Piedmont Park
· Follow the path around Lake Clara Meed and through Piedmont Park
· Exit Piedmont Park at 10th St.
· Run down 10th St. toward W. Peachtree St.
· Turn right on W. Peachtree St.
· Turn right on 13th St.
· End at 13th St. and Peachtree Walk

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