Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did You Run Outside During Atlanta’s “Snowcation?”

Over the past few days on Twitter, I saw lots of tweets from friends talking about the snow storm that hit Atlanta on Sunday night. Hashtags for “Snowcation,” ATLsnow,” and “Hothlanta” have popped up on Twitter and there’s even a Foursquare badge for the storm.

Paved surfaces have iced over and people are urged to stay home. But is this actually a good time to get a run in outside? Perhaps -- if you’ve got the right gear.

My husband went on a run yesterday and he only encountered one problem area – Atlanta’s infamous steel-plate covers used for potholes. Otherwise, he had a good run. Me? I’m the type to slip on the front stoop, so I stayed inside.

If you’ve had a case of cabin fever and ventured outside for a run, let me know. I’m looking for stories (and tips) for cold-weather running in the frozen tundra of the south. Otherwise know as “Hothlanta.”

Until then, stay safe on your runs.


GeorgiaSnail said...

I got out for 4 miles this afternoon...the easiest part was to run just off of the sidewalk, in the tracks of those who went before me...although, it did get sketchy across a few driveways...

Anonymous said...

I am in Athens...ended up in the garage on the elliptical for an hour. I was sacred I would slip and then ~not~ be able to run!


Anonymous said...

Ummm...not exactly sacred...more like scared! LOL!


Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm so anxious to get out - hope to be hitting the road soon:)

Wendie said...

I slipped on ice last year hurting my tailbone. So I am staying off the ice/roads this year and painfully wait for this to melt. I will however walk to my office building that has a gym inside that is about 2 1/2 blocks away.

Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Ouch! That sounds painful Wendie.

I went for a short walk today and was astonished by how slippery it still was outside.

Weather forecast says it will be in the low 50s this weekend. Should be safe for runners to hit the road (or sidewalks) again :)