Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes, You Just Have to Run

2011 has brought an interesting mix of weather. From record snow and ice to spring-like temperatures – it can be hard to predict what Mother Nature has in store for Atlanta. Thus far this week, it’s been cool, rainy days. Not ideal running weather, but when you’re training for a race, sometimes that just doesn’t matter. I stay pretty busy at work and find it hard to fit in my runs during the week. For me, an outdoor run is the only real option – treadmills are like waterboarding – pure torture. Facing a business trip this week without any real prospects to run, I hit the road at 6 p.m. for a dark, rainy outing. And it was worth it. I quickly forgot about the weather and settled in to a quiet, easy run. A friend of mine on the trip woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get a run in before heading to the airport. Runners are a determined bunch. Regardless of the daily challenges we face, we always figure out a way to get out for a run.

Are you training for the Publix Georgia Half-Marathon? If so, here’s one of my favorite training routes. Enjoy.

Decatur to Little Five Points – 8 Miles
• Start at the Fellini’s on Commerce and Sycamore Place
• Head towards Howard Street, turn right on Howard
• On Howard, pass Decatur H.S. and the East Lake Marta Station
• Turn right on Ridgewood (after crossing the train tracks)
• Turn left on McClendon Drive
• Turn right on Moreland Ave.
• Turn right on Ponce de Leon Ave.
• Follow Ponce into Decatur
• Run through Downtown Decatur
• Turn right on Commerce Ave.
• End at Fellini’s

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