Thursday, April 28, 2011

Race Review: Take Back The Night 5K

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to run this race. But my bad habit of procrastination meant I always missed registering for the event. Not this year. I got my act together and signed up the day before the race.

And it was great. A good neighborhood turnout in Decatur, an evening start time and tasty post-race food. I’m a big fan of races that don’t start in the morning – after all, I’m already getting up early for work 5 days a week. The course was hilly, particularly at the start. After the race, runners were treated to pizza and frozen yogurt. I’m sure it was a bit of challenge to keep the yogurt cold, but it was the best post-race treat I’ve ever had – a nice change from bananas and dry bagels.

The event was in support of the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center (DRCC) and it’s part of Decatur’s Grand Slam series, which encourages Decatur residents to participate in 4 out of 6 neighborhood races. The t-shirts displayed along the fence featured messages of hope and survival – which appear to have been created by clients of DRCC.

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