Monday, April 2, 2012

Tour deCatur: Running is a Family Affair

On March 24, Decatur hosted its namesake race --Tour deCatur. This is one of those events where the whole community comes out to support it. At the Decatur elementary schools, students participated in track clubs to train for the 1-mile race distance.

This was my second year running the race with my daughter and husband. And it was one of my proudest moments as a runner. I loved watching my child complete the 1-mile course while maintaining a steady pace. I was watching a budding athlete and my future running partner come to life.

My pride was shared by hundreds of parents who joined their children on the race course. More than 800 kids participated. My neighbor Nick ran the 5K distance with his 3rd-grader. It was great to see his son’s excitement and anticipation as he prepared for his first 5K race.

Proceeds from the event directly benefit Decatur schools through the Decatur Education Foundation. It funds educational programs in the schools and provides financial aid to students and their families whose situation may impact the child’s success in school. One of the foundation’s programs provides “Book Fair Bucks” to students who otherwise would not be able to purchase books on their own.

A love of running and a love of learning … thank you Decatur Education Foundation for hosting an event that delivers both to our community.


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