Saturday, September 13, 2008

Etiquette Tips for Road Races

This month’s issue of Runner's World features a terrific article on good manners to follow when running in a road race. Some of the stories included with the tips are painfully hysterical. Here’s a brief summary:

1.) Do Your Own Thing: go your own pace and respect the personal space of other runners

2.) Know Your Place: don’t create obstacles for other runners by walking alongside friends

3.) Keep It Down: if you need to talk, watch your volume and don’t discuss personal or embarrassing topics

4.) Leash Your Best Friend: keep your dog close to you so that other runners don’t trip on the leash

5.) Watch Your Step: don’t cut-off other runners, especially when running towards the water station

6.) Aim Fluids Carefully: be mindful of where you toss your water cup (and of where you direct bodily fluids)

7.) Don’t Stink: remember that what you consume (e.g. tobacco, garlic) can cause you to reek – especially when running

8.) Dress For Your Mom: refrain from wearing revealing attire

9.) Don't Whine: if you quit a race, don’t whine about it to others

10.) Just Run: enjoy the run and don’t try to impose your race routine on other runners

This week’s route is another 5-mile loop, courtesy of the Oakhurst Running Club. You can find the route at the club’s web site or at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

Oakhurst Running Club – East Lake 5-Mile Route

· Start at One Step at a Time
· Head west on East Lake
· Turn left on Johnston
· Continue on Wisteria
· Turn right on Rocky Ford Rd
· Turn left on College Ave
· Turn left on Howard St
· Turn left on Hosea Williams Dr
· At fork, turn right on Oakview Rd
· Turn right on Spring St
· Turn right on Adams St
· Cross over Pharr Rd and onto Daniel Ave
· Turn left on Hosea Williams Dr
· Turn left on Spence Ave, which turns into McDonough St
· Turn left on W. Hill St
· Finish at One Step at a Time

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