Monday, February 16, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation

Last night, I watched the Science Discovery show “Connected Power of Six Degrees”. It talked about the science of networks and how mathematicians are discovering that we’re all linked through “hubs” which connect us – essentially six degrees from each other. The internet is a great example of this phenomenon, where sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter serve as hubs that link people to both content and each other on the web.

So, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with running. Well, it got me thinking about how I’ve become connected with runners across the country through my blog and Twitter account. Runners tend to be social people and enjoy sharing their passion for the sport with others. I’ve agonized with women runners at through our stories about dealing with injuries. I’ve laughed at the adventures that runners chronicle on their blogs. And I’ve followed the daily observations and activities of runners at Twitter. Last week, I connected with a former Atlanta resident who recently moved to Baltimore and started his own running blog Meep Meep. We used to rely on running groups and road races to meet other runners. Now, with the wide use of online sites and applications, you don’t have to slip your shoes on for an early morning meet-up to connect with people who share a passion for running.

If you’re training for the ING Georgia, here’s a great, scenic to run. You’ll find a map for the route at Map My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

Decatur to Little Five Points – 8.16 miles

· Start at Fellini’s at Commerce St. and Sycamore Place
· Turn right at Howard Ave.
· Stay on Howard/Dekalb Ave. for approximately 2 miles. Pass the East Lake Marta Station
· Turn right on Ridgecrest Rd.
· Turn left on McClendon Ave.
· Stay on McClendon for approximately 2 miles. Pass Flying Biscuit Café and Candler Park.
· Turn right on Moreland Ave.
· Turn right on Ponce de Leon Ave.
· Take Ponce de Leon Ave. through Druid Hills to Downtown Decatur
· Once in Downtown Decatur, turn right on Church St.
· Turn left on Sycamore St.
· Turn right on Sycamore Place
· Cross Commerce St. and return to Fellini’s parking lot

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Ty said...

How's Decatur looking these days. I still own a house the Y. I miss the trees and the little creeks.