Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Aint Called “Hotlanta” for Nothing – Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke

The summer heat has arrived here in Atlanta. The hot weather brings special precautions for runners. Heat stroke is a serious and deadly condition. It occurs when a person’s cooling system no longer functions properly and can lead to brain and organ damage.

Runners need to keep in mind that hot weather effects your pace and performance. Don’t strive to run the same PR at 80 degrees that you achieve at 60 degrees. This month’s issue of Runner’s World features stories and advice to stay safe in the heat. I recommend reading Truman Clark’s personal account of her near-death experience ... very sobering and informative. Here are some tips I found in the magazine:

· Run during the coolest time of the day
· Drink water or a sports drink 2 hours before your run
· When it’s hot, take your run indoors and hit the treadmill
· Keep your route to a shorter distance than you run in cooler weather
· Slow down your pace
· Stop running if you feel uneasy or disoriented
· Cool down your body temperature by drinking water and pouring some over your head
· Take a cell phone to call for help if you feel sick

This week’s running route is comes from It’s a 5-mile run through Inman Park, Little Five Points and Candler Park. Click here to access the route map.

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