Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Inspiring Runner

The first story I read in this month’s Runner’s World profiled Rosie Coates, a Seattle-area runner who achieved some amazing accomplishments. In her quest to become a marathoner, Rosie shed 110 pounds – essentially whole person. For anyone who’s dieted (haven’t we all?), that’s simply remarkable.

But what I found inspiring about Rosie is her devotion to help other women. Rosie conducts health and fitness workshops and provides personal training services that help women gain confidence and self-esteem through fitness.

Apparently, I’m not the only person inspired by Rosie. A quick Google found mentions of her story on Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter and blogs.

When we take time to look around our own neighborhoods, we’re sure to find examples of inspiration. For me, it’s the teacher who starts a 5K to raise money for schools or a 72-year-old whose race time in a 5K is faster than top finishers who are more than 15-years her junior. Who inspires you?

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