Saturday, April 24, 2010

Product Review: Sorbothane Insoles

I love insoles. I really do. The comfort, support and cushioning that insoles provide make my feet feel great.

I was recently offered an opportunity to review a pair of insoles from Sorbothane. Here’s my disclaimer: I received one pair of insoles for free to review plus two pairs of sole cushions for dress shoes. I’m under no obligation to publish my review, and the opinions that I share are based on my experience. O.K -- so now for my review.

I received the insoles a few days after running the ING Georgia Half-Marathon. I ran the race with the standard insoles in my Adidas shoes. And I got a blister during the race. I tried out the Sorbothane SorboAir insoles and found them to be really comfortable. I felt an immediate difference in the feel of my shoes. The cushioning left my feet feeling more supported during my run. I’m someone who likes a lot of arch support in my running shoes, which is probably why I’m a big fan of insoles. I haven’t tested the cushions for dress shoes and I don’t plan to write about them since this blog is dedicated to running.

So what do others have to say? You can read more reviews at

Wonder why manufacturers don't put better insoles in their running shoes? Here's what I learned when I explored this topic last year.

Happy running!

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