Saturday, July 31, 2010

It’s Hot Atlanta … Stay Safe by Avoiding Heat Stroke

This summer has been so hot, I’m starting to forget what cool weather feels like. While a lot of runners turn to the treadmill to get their weekly mileage, I’ve never been much of an indoor runner. But running in the heat can create unsafe conditions for runners who aren’t careful.

Last August, I wrote a blog post about precautions runners should take to avoid heat stroke. This potentially deadly condition occurs when a person’s cooling system no longer functions properly and can lead to brain and organ damage. With Atlanta settling into another month of 90+ degree temperatures, it seemed like a good idea to publish these tips again.

· Run during the coolest time of the day
· Drink water or a sports drink 2 hours before your run
· When it’s hot, take your run indoors and hit the treadmill
· Keep your route to a shorter distance than you run in cooler weather
· Slow down your pace
· Stop running if you feel uneasy or disoriented
· Cool down your body temperature by drinking water and pouring some over your head
· Take a cell phone to call for help if you feel sick

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