Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics-Inspired Running

I love watching the Summer Olympics. Seeing the accomplishments of world-class athletes inspires me to work harder towards my own fitness goals. I’m particularly excited about this year’s games because of the success of women considered too old to compete. Romania's Constantina Tomescu-Dita, a 38-year-old mother, became the oldest Olympic marathon winner in history. While other runners bent over in exhaustion after crossing the finish line, Constantina ran victory laps in the Bird’s Nest stadium. Watching her seemingly effortless win influenced my running this week. Despite the heat of summer, I had a great energy level during my runs. Thanks Constantina for the inspiration!

This week’s route is a 2-mile loop through Emory University. Repeat the loop to increase your mileage. You can access a map of this route at Map My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

Emory University – 2-mile loop
· Start at Druid Hills High School, located off of Haygood Dr. between N. Decatur and Clifton
· From the parking lot, turn right and head toward Clifton Rd
· Cross Clifton and stay straight on Asbury Cir
· Veer right and head down Fraternity Row
· At the end of Fraternity Row, turn right onto Dickey Dr
· Turn left onto Dowman Dr
· Turn left on Fishburne Dr
· Turn left on Asbury Cir
· Turn right on Pierce Dr
· Stay straight and cross Clifton
· Head down Upper Gate Dr
· Turn left on Ridgewood Dr.
· Ridgewood ends at Haygood – repeat loop or return to Druid Hills H.S.

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