Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Outdoor vs. Treadmill Running

I’m strictly an outdoor runner. I love the experience of running outside and exploring neighborhoods. It’s a great way to discover communities and meet other runners. For me, running on a treadmill is a sterile, mind-numbing experience. However, other runners I know prefer the convenience and sense of safety you get with running on a treadmill. I can appreciate that – especially during the winter when the weather is miserable.

What’s your preference? Share your feedback by commenting at this blog.

This week’s featured run is a 4.5 mile route through Brookhaven. You can access a map of this route at Map My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

Brookhaven – 4.5 miles

· Start at Big Peach Running Co., located at 3881 Peachtree Road NE
· Turn right on Peachtree
· Turn right on Bellaire Dr
· Turn right on Club Dr
· Turn right on Winall Down Rd
· Turn right on W. Brookhaven Dr. and follow the road around the golf course
· W. Brookhaven turns into E. Brookhaven
· Follow E.Brookhaven away from the golf course
· Turn left on Davidson Ave
· Davidson turns into Club Dr
· Turn right on Winall Down Rd
· Turn left on Vermont Rd
· Turn left on Stovall Rd
· Stovell turns into Club Dr
· From Club Dr., turn left onto Peachtree Rd
· End run at Big Peach Running Co.

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