Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great Day for ZOOMA Atlanta

It was a very cold but festive start for the ZOOMA Atlanta Road Race. While I trained for the half-marathon, I ended up running the 5K stroller jog because of continuing problems with runner's knee. It was great to see a few men join several hundred women for this inaugural event. I was one of the few runners with an actual stroller in the 5K race. My daughter had a great time riding in the stroller even though she had to get up early with me. And she loved the sterling silver necklace that runners received at the finish line. Part of the appeal of the ZOOMA Race Series is that it supports Atlanta-based CARE. As a global humanitarian organization, CARE strives to help poor women and their families move out of poverty. At least $3 from each entry fee is donated to CARE. For UPS employees, the company generously paid the $75 fee.

This week's route is the 5K course from ZOOMA Atlanta. You can find the route at May My Run under my group Atlanta Running.

ZOOMA Atlanta 5K Route:
  • Start from the Atlanta Station Parking Garage, at the P2 level
  • Head down 20th St.
  • Turn right at Fowler St. and cross 17th St.
  • At 16th St., turn left
  • Turn right on Northside Dr.
  • Turn right at 17th St.
  • Follow 17th St. back to Atlantic Station
  • Just before Fowler St., make a u-turn on 17th St.
  • Head back down 17th St. and turn right on State St.
  • Follow State St. back to the starting point


Beth Moore said...

Hey Deb!
I'm curious about your knee injury. It sounds like you are continuing to train and race - though quite a bit scaled down. Have you been to a physical therapist? Do you know what the nature of your injury is? I am currently struggling with an injury that started just as I began marathon training. Any advice?

Corny said...

Congratulations on your Zooma Stroller 5K. Sorry to hear about the knee injury. I hope time off will heal itself.