Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogs for Women Runners

To help inspire my training for ZOOMA Atlanta, I’m on a mission to discover blogs from women runners. Here’s a few great blogs that I’ve found:

Marathon Moms: Colorado-based Dimity McDowell is a sports-and-fitness writer who has completed two marathons and two Half Ironman triathlons. Sarah Bowen Shea is a writer from Portland, Oregon who has run four marathons. Dimity and Sarah write about the challenges of balancing family time and work demands with fitness and training schedules.

Fitness for Mommies: This blog is hosted by Rachel, who is a self-described wife and mother of two crazy boys. Along with being a mom, she’s also a physical education teacher and an athlete. The goal of this site is to offer testimony, information, and articles on all things related to balancing life and athlete endeavors.

See Mommy Run: This site strives to connect moms in local communities to run and walk together. It invites moms to join an existing group in their area or start their own group.

Running Skirts: Twins Cindy and Christy are moms who blog about everything related to running.

This week’s route is a 5-mile loop through the Winnona Park neighborhood from the Oakhurst Running Club. You can find the route at Map My run under my group Atlanta Running.

Winnona Park – 5 Mile Route
· Start at One Step at a Time
· Head north (left) on Oakview Rd
· Turn left on Adams St
· Turn right on W. Dougherty St
· Cross S. Candler St. and continue on Winnona Dr
· Turn right on Hilldale Dr
· Turn left on Derrydown Wy
· Turn right on Craigle Ave
· Turn right on Katie Kerr Dr
· Turn right on S. Columbia Dr
· Turn left on Kirk Rd
· Turn left on S. Candler St
· Turn right on Brower St
· Turn right on Garland Ave
· Turn right on S. McDonough St
· Turn left on W. Hill St
· Finish at One Step at a Time


Rachel said...

Thanks for linking to me!

I am a runner, just finished St. George Marathon and would LOVE to run the ZOOMA race series. Can't wait till they come to the west coast. Love the concept of it being a girls weekend AWAY and the swag that is part of the race series.

Anyway, happy running!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
I'm signed up for the Oct 6, 2012 St. George marathon and wonder what your thoughts are about:
the race, a hotel choice, anything else? Thanks so much.
Y. Wade, Atlanta

Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Hi Wad:

You'll want to contact Rachel directly at her blog. Here's the link:


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